Why should you join or renew membership with the AMPA? Participation by you is a must if you expect to KEEP some of the perks that you enjoy at this time. Consider the 15 days vacation and 20 days sick time each year mandated at the state level. These have to be guarded each year to ensure they do not disappear.

Recent actions the AMPA has sponsored or supported include: LOPFI DROP; LOPFI multiplier increases, compounded retirement COLA, improvements to survivors benefits, a $25 fine for not having proof of insurance, with a clause for a large portion of that money to benefit law enforcement; funding car cameras for police units with traffic fines/costs; a requirement to allow withholding professional dues from payroll checks; and automatic jail time for fleeing in a vehicle.

Prior to those actions, AMPA actively pursued "28 and out" retirement, helping to get the minimum age requirement removed, then the reduction from "30 and out" to 28 years of service. We helped with the adjustment to the Social Security offset, helped create an avenue for insurance turnback funds to eventually go to LOPFI participants, and we supported the initial bill and adjustments to the retired officer's concealed carry provisions. We have been very successful over the years, but we still have important issues to address. Your dues, and more importantly your active participation within AMPA are needed as we continue to work on LOPFI retirement issues and critical changes to the current Arkansas code. AMPA is a strong voice for ALL of the issues affecting our officers, and our communities.

You gain direct access to some important voices in our state by the fact that AMPA has representation on the following state boards:
  • Service Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Private Investigators/Security Board
  • ACIC Advisory Board
  • Police Corp Planning
  • Local Police & Fire Retirement Board
  • Police & Fire Pension Review Board
  • Commission on Law Enforcement Standards & Training Commission
  • Sentencing Commission
  • Law Enforcement Memorial Board
  • Criminal Justice Institute (CJI) Advisory Board
The AMPA is membership driven. The President and other officers are elected by the membership at our annual convention. The goals of the organization are set by the membership at our annual convention. Between conventions, there is a Board of Directors that monitor and guide the work of the Officers and Executive Director. The Board of Directors consists of three officers from each of five regions of the state, and two "at large" statewide postions. These Board members are also elected by the membership at convention.

We want you to be active in the AMPA. Come to convention and represent your department in electing officers and setting goals for the AMPA. Help us at the Capitol when the Arkansas Legislature is in session. Consider becoming an officer or director in the AMPA. If you cannot be actively helping, then help support those who are working FOR YOUR INTERESTS in the AMPA. Join us, or renew your membership. In return, you will receive...

A Strong Legislative Voice:

The AMPA Legislative Committee focuses the efforts of the entire organization towards improving our laws. This includes improving our retirement packages, providing better training with a goal of officer safety, enhancing criminal penalties and providing a fair workplace.

Annual Convention

We meet in August each year for our annual convention. Elections, business meetings, and fellowship top the agenda. The golf tournament is always a favorite. All AMPA members are invited. Come once to see, come back for a lifetime!

A Powerful Organization

As an AMPA member, you are a part of the largest law enforcement segment in Arkansas. There are over 6500 certified municipal police officers in the State, and the AMPA is the only non-profit organization specifically founded and dedicated to Progressive Law Enforcement at the municipal level. That means the AMPA exists exclusively to protect your interests, at both a state and local level. We work to keep you informed, to guarantee your right to speak out as an authority on law enforcement issues, and we are proactive in initiating governmental and legislative action when you see a need.

The AMPA is the only professional organization with the established infrastructure dedicated to you, ready to serve your interests, and able to follow through and achieve real results. The AMPA is not a union, and works in harmony with the Fraternal Order of Police, because our organizations compliment each other. The AMPA represents all municipal police officers, not just administrators and executives, so our voice and our agenda are a faithful representation of you, the police officer on the street, and the police community of Arkansas as a whole. AMPA administration is conducted by Municipal Police Officers FOR Municipal Police Officers.
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